Boylan Ginger AleDuring a recent heavy bout of programming and vector art, my compatriot and I picked up a nice cold Boylan ginger ale to cool off a hot Brooklyn evening.

There were many wonderfully appealing about this green bottle right out of the gate. First of all, the old-timey emerald glass and unassuming non-serif font all signaled that this was a straight ahead ginger ale, not one to futz around with pomegranate, kombucha, or any other modern nonsense. Just good ginger ale, giving you what you came for.

We were disappointed to find that the Boylan’s lacked any true power. It was plenty sweet, but the ginger flavor just said a quiet hello to the middle of our tongues then meekly walked away. There wasn’t much edge or pop to it. It was like meeting a cute shy girl wearing a 1950s style dress and cat-eye glasses, and just when you’re about to ask her for her number, she ducks the under the table and hugs her knees while rocking back and forth.

Price: A nice $2.25 at the fancy grocery store down the street.

Overall: 7 out of 10