Ginger Ale by Bruce CostThis morning I had a particularly successful round of busking with my ukulele, pulling in $12 in 45 minutes (as opposed to the usual $10 in one hour). To celebrate, on the way back home to my sweet and kind compatriot, I picked up a half pound of cherries and a bottle of Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost (original flavor).

Below is my lovely compatriot’s review:

Bright, not dark. Could be stronger and earthier.

Fruit: Definite fruit overtones. Strong.

Bubbly: Normal

Dryness: Not dry at all!

Sweetness: Not Jamaican, but this is pretty sweet stuff

Little bits: In spades! they don’t have a lot of strong flavor, though.

X Factor: Good balance between ginger and sweet. Perfect sweet and fruity ginger ale without being too sweet and fruity.

I agree, especially on the fruitiness. It called cucumbers and hibiscus to my mind. The ginger flavor was exactly like sushi ginger, in soda form. Oishii, naa!

Price: $1.99

Overall: 8 out of 10

This is good stuff, if you are in the mood.