Schweppes!Last night, I left my good and gentle compatriot to fend for himself in the early evening, whilst I met up with a friend in Prospect Park to write a sitcom pilot about our former workplace and also watch a couple of modern rock bands perform.

I came unprepared with any dinner victuals or libations, but thankfully, my friend had bought gazpacho. And, naturally, there were several drink purveyors offering everything from cheap beer to vodka Red Bull cocktails to simple sodas.

I of course opted for a cold dry Schweppes. There’s a reason why Schweppes has had so much staying power over the last 130 years. If you had any past lives in the United States since the Civil War, you probably enjoyed a Schweppes. They’re absolutely delicious, that’s why.

After sampling so many of the fruity, slight ginger ales currently in vogue, it was a refreshing treat to revisit that strong, dry,  puckersome taste of Schweppes that I remember oh-so-well from childhood, when soda was a combination ambrosia and rocket fuel*. Schweppes has a little of that industrial chemical aftertaste which is unacceptable in broccoli, but yet can be so welcome in a soda.

I took a few delighted sips, then combined the rest of the can with a bottle of Dragonfruit Vitamin Water for a lovely outdoor concert cocktail. All was well, until I noticed a maelstrom of tiny ants descending on the empty Schwepps can. I felt momentary horror, as if they were a pack of roving zombies instead of ants, after brains instead of sugar. After the concert I recycled the can, leaving the ants to new adventures.

Price: $2.00. For a single can! These outdoor festivals, I tellya.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10

*Who’m I kidding? It still is!